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8cm invisible long floor drain


Rimless tile linear drain


Rimless tile linear drain is the best selling of all the long floor drains. Compared with the stretched floor drain, it needs to go through more than one welding process.Officially, because of one more process, the price of this welded floor drain will be slightly higher than the price of the compressed floor drain. Its width is usually 8cm, but the length can be customized at will, ranging from 20cm-1m or even 2m.Therefore, this floor drain is very suitable for use in public places, because its length can be very long, other floor drains may need multiple splice, this one only needs one, in the application of the size of 1m-2m, at the same time it can have multiple drains to speed up the drainage speed.As we all know, the usual usable drainage area of tile linear drain is generally smaller than that of ordinary floor drain, so we can only increase its drainage area by lengthening its length.

Rimless tile linear drain i is popular in part because of its narrower width and more streamlined aesthetic, this floor drain is installed on the tile, the least conspicuous and best complement the tile, and it is also very good drainage performance.

Rimless tile linear drain is very suitable for the current minimalist decoration, because the minimalist wind is the unity of the large plane, the less elements inside the better, the smaller the better.

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