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Square point floor drain


The fixed large-diameter drain is suitable for all kinds of public places, and their advantages are compared with the bouncing drain, which has no functional demand for water, the large-diameter drain flow rate is faster, and the place is clean at any time.

This floor drain can be made in a variety of patterns and colors. Like black, gold. Rose gold, mirror and brushed etc. This floor drain can be made according to your needs drainage aperture (30mm-60mm), and with different deodorant (plastic, stainless steel).

After reaching a certain minimum order quantity, you can also customize the customer's packaging, our packaging is the use of the hardest carton.You can print your brand logo, custom colors, and company information and contact details on the custom carton.

Use of high-quality stainless steel 201 and 304 materials, not easy to corrode, durable, surface luster without burrs.Can be customized 10*10,15*15,20*20 and other sizes.

Square point floor drain can be used with direct row, ABS plastic clamshell deodorization, stainless steel clamshell deodorization, copper deodorization and other drainage accessories.

The grid size of the square point drain has been carefully designed to ensure rapid drainage without causing fingers or toes to get stuck in the drain.Brushed surface treatment does not leave fingerprint marks, and smooth without burrs.At the same time, we have laser cutting machines and can even customize the patterns that customers need.    Can meet the various needs of customers.

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