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Pop-up floor drain


Cube pattern pop-up floor drain


This upgraded floor drain is designed to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom but also provide practical benefits. The intricate and elegant pattern on its surface adds a touch of sophistication, making it a versatile addition to any space. Available in 15*15 and 20*20 sizes, this floor drain offers options for different bathroom layouts.
The textured pattern increases friction, reducing the risk of slipping for added safety. Constructed with thicker materials and an exquisite panel and body, this floor drain boasts a high-quality copper bounce valve core that ensures durability and longevity. Its full functionality as a pop-up floor drain makes it a reliable choice for those looking to prioritize both style and practicality in their bathroom design.
Compared to standard floor drains, this upgraded version elevates the overall look and feel of the bathroom with its premium materials and design. It's an ideal choice for individuals who are seeking to enhance their bathroom's appearance while also prioritizing safety and functionality. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, this upgraded floor drain is sure to make a lasting impression with its combination of elegance and practicality.
The use of this floor drain makes your bathroom more elegant, and it is more compatible with the small tile floor and more holistic. Compared with more hollow patterns on the market, this kind of pattern is more attractive and different.

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Pop-up floor drain


The main materials of the floor drain are cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramic, cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy and so on.

cast iron: cheap, easy to rust, not beautiful, rust after hanging sticky dirt, not easy to clean;

PVC: cheap, susceptible to temperature deformation, scratch and impact resistance is poor, not beautiful;

zinc alloy: cheap, easy to corrode;

ceramic: cheap, corrosion resistance, impact resistance;

cast aluminum: medium price, light weight, rough;

stainless steel: moderate price, beautiful, durable;

copper alloy: moderate price, practical type.

brass: heavy quality, high grade, high price, the surface can be electroplated.

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