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Three-piece set


Three-piece set floor drain


The three-piece floor drain, with its versatile design, offers a wide range of functionality to meet various drainage needs. In addition to the recess in the body for easy access to the cover plate, this floor drain also features a removable filter plate that prevents hair and debris from entering the drainage system. This added feature ensures that the drainage system remains clear and free-flowing.

Furthermore, the adaptability of the three-piece floor drain allows it to be used in different scenarios. For example, in areas where water containment is necessary, such as shower stalls or wet rooms, the cover can be placed on top of the drain to prevent water from flowing out. On the other hand, if there is a need for controlled water release at a regular pace, one can simply remove the cover while keeping the filter plate intact.

Moreover, in situations where a large volume of water needs to be drained quickly without any restrictions or obstructions, both the cover and filter plate can be removed entirely. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for commercial spaces such as restaurants or industrial facilities where rapid drainage is essential.

Overall, with its adaptable design and multiple functionalities, the three-piece floor drain provides practical solutions for varying drainage requirements across different environments.The three-piece floor drain is favored by most foreign guests because of its changeable function mode and multi-scene use method. 

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